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quu TM

quu Enterprise adds versatility and visibility — from hiring the right candidates or assessing job performance

to assessing safety or health risk to having IT teams audit systems and processes for vulnerabilities

Use your data to identify and mitigate

Security is vital 

 get role based access with SSO

Role Based Access

Engage more stakeholders in the process by choosing what each individual can see and do within the platform.

Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication

Make your experience safe and secure as you collect information with peace of mind and not having to worry about credentials.

Use Case: You work in recruiting or human resources and need to automate process and prioritize candidates — we provide the solution.

Present Candidates

Put your candidates’ best foot forward and engage your clients by sharing video interviews with them on a page that highlights your company’s branding.

Offer clients more insight

Share a shortlist of video interviews with clients so they can quickly compare candidates and let you know who they like best.

Anonymize candidate information

Anonymize candidate’s name, so your clients can focus on the candidate’s responses and you don’t need to worry about them engaging the candidate separately.

Get quicker feedback from clients

Increase placement speed by getting quicker feedback (and notifications) from clients so you know when to follow up to advance the candidate in the process.

Use Case: You work in IT and need to understand your organization's cyber risk.

We provide the platform solution  the standards are provided by the industry-recognized NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

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