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Quickly deploy all your data integration projects

Choose any environment — cloud, on-premises or hybrid — get data from all of your sources and in any format.
Perform any integration style: ETL, ELT, batch processing or in real time.

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Scale with QUUAI

If you're looking for advanced transformations, data quality, governance and API integration capabilities — QUUAI can scale with you.  As your needs grow, ensure that your data stays reliable, usable and accessible no matter where it goes.

Faster and smarter

QUUAI uses its web-based UI to access design and build resilient pipelines with schema-on-read — enabling the pipelines to dynamically discover and adapt to schema changes.  With real-time development and debugging, we see your data changes at every step.

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Integrate all your data

QUUAI integrates any data — structured or unstructured — designed to batch or stream seamlessly within your existing environment and scales with your data projects.

QUUAI builds data quality into the integration process making trusted data available with easy on-boarding of embedded quality controls and rules management  — data is enriched, protected and available from a single unified platform

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