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Safety Platform

Manage  customer, employee and vendor accidents  — manage OSHA & loss time.

        Safety Management ...

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Perfect for small and large teams. 

Created to help you stay company policy and OSHA compliant.




Designed to empower your company’s Safety and Risk departments effectiveness by increasing incident reporting, communication, emergency response timeliness and accuracy.


These tools will directly improve your corporate, corrective action response, claim reporting and will also automatically help comply with OSHA record keeping standards for employee incidents.


The overall efficiencies will save your company dollars in reduced time, claim frequency along with cost, and compliance. The Safety Incident module captures Employee, General, Auto, Property and Product Incidents.

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Unlimited Users

Unlimited Locations

Unlimited entries

User role based access




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The platform is designed to empower your company with your data to interpret levels of risk and liability.  Collect and process on all first report type incidents.


Escalate any incident into a claim – then transfer directly to your carrier or TPA with automatic data transfer to keep your system up-to-date.  Reduce highly manual administrative tasks which often are time consuming.

 Additional platform benefits:

     Quickly add users via auto import
     Assign access privileges
     Add locations via auto import

     Understand trends and Key Performance & Risk metrics

     Create your reporting on-the-fly with our Chart and Cross-Tab  drag'n'drop functionality
     Auto create OSHA logs
     Launch investigations and segregate them from view of other users
     Provide “Follow Up Tracking” – allows users to know what is pending
     Attach documents, images, PDF's, videos, etc., and associate them with the specific report

     Corrective action and workflow

     Return to work

     Launch Investigations and track their progress

     Transfer any incident to your insurance | TPA for claim processing

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NeighborhoodWatch Platform

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